Mountains, hills, lakes, waterfalls, rivers or glaciers, Switzerland has it all! Start exploring now.

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Hoher Kasten - Sämtisersee - Plattenbödeli - Ruhesitz - Brülisau

Brülisau, Appenzell

⭤ 10.5 km   🕑 3.5 h   ▲ 200 m   T2

In just eight minutes, the Hoher Kasten cableway carries you from Brülisau up to 1794 m above sea level, where you can look forward to unique views of...

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Stoos Ridge Hike from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock

Stoos, Schwyz

⭤ 4 km   🕑 2 h   ▲ 380 m   T2

It is considered one of the most beautiful high-altitude trails in Switzerland: the stair-steeped ridge trail from the Klingenstock to the Fronalpstoc...

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Sihlwald Forest Theme Trail "Walderlebnispfad"

Sihlwald, Zürich

⭤ 2 km   🕑 1 h   ▲ 100 m   T1

On this forest adventure trail you will get to know the secrets of the forest with all your senses in a creative and imaginative way. The path has 12 ...

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Lac Retaud - Col des Andérets - La Palette - Isenau

Col du Pillon, Vaud

⭤ 9 km   🕑 3.5 h   ▲ 530 m   T2

The starting point for the tour is the magnificent mountain lake Lac Retaud, which lies to the north, just above the Col du Pillon. You can reach the ...

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Col de la Croix - Lac des Chavonnes - Col de Bretaye

Col de la Croix, Vaud

⭤ 12 km   🕑 4 h   ▲ 545 m   T2

Beautiful panoramic hike in the Vaud Alps with start and finish on the Col de la Croix. The Col de la Croix marks the direct connection of the tourist...

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Filzbach - Talalpsee - Habergschwänd

Filzbach, Glarus

⭤ 5.6 km   🕑 1.45 h   ▲ 560 m   T2

The hike starts at the Filzbach chairlift valley station. Shortly after the parking lot, a small path branches off uphill to the right. The path is qu...

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Brunnenberg - Oberblegisee

Luchsingen, Glarus

⭤ 8 km   🕑 3 h   ▲ 450 m   T2

The ascent and the descent of this circular hike to the Oberblegisee are on alpine roads; fortunately, these are not asphalted, but only covered with ...

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Waterfall Arena Batöni

Weisstannen, St. Gallen

⭤ 9 km   🕑 3.5 h   ▲ 530 m   T2

The Waterfall Arena Batöni in the Weisstannen valley is truly a special place. It belongs to the Heidiland. Lavtinabach, Piltschinabach, Sässbach, Mut...

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